Wednesday, February 17, 2016

If only you know you...

I am not speaking about any esoteric aspects here of knowing your past lives or parallel lives. I am speaking of the importance of knowing your mind-body complex. Each personality is unique and so is the body and both are closely intertwined. Imagine driving a car without knowing any basic mechanism of its functioning. In that case, each time it gives problem you have to run to a mechanic. If you know some basics of its functioning mechanism, probably you may avoid some repairs and also be able to do some basic repair works on your own. In the same way, if you understand your body and its functioning mechanism, you have more control over it.. You cannot control something that you cannot see or feel. We always do impact everything each and every moment.. but, when you feel or see, you take more conscious control over the implications.

So, the first step is becoming more conscious of the body. For sure you feel it.. might be it was too simple for you that you did not pay attention. For example you know how it feels when you eat a chilly and how it feels when you drink a tender coconut. Can you deny that you do not know the difference? Ha ha.. For sure you feel your body. When you pay attention to it more and more, you observe the energy aspects of it clearly and that is when you take more control over it. You then start feeling the meridians, the imbalance in the energy, your energy leaks, psychic impact of being alone or being in groups, you start to differentiate yourself from the collective unconscious. That is when the real evolution starts. Hurray!

Some of the ways through which you can impact your energy body: using crystals, homeo dilutions, tissue salts, meditation/energy work, connecting to Sun/Earth/Water/Fire.. You feel the difference when you take a swim and get toasted in sun.. ha ha.. So, no need to explain. Finding the balance in everything is the key. Each element has its unique nature and they play their own unique role. It is time to be your own master.

Edit: I have used the word control in a few places. It is more like impacting change and is a dynamic process. It is more like igniting change.. 

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