Friday, January 29, 2016

Healing with Homeopathy!

This is just a short note on healing the body.. It is not uncommon that we go out of balance at physical and mental levels. The Allopathic system of medicine focuses on specific symptoms and tries to address it.. Even when a specific symptom is addressed, the other symptoms may still linger.. But in holistic ways, overall healing has to be the focus. In Ayurveda and Siddha, they try to address the imbalance through which healing happens.

I love the Homeopathic system. I feel and work with the medicines.. only on my body mostly. It is an energy medicine. There will be no original substance at 12C potency. Most of the times, we use 30C which is a much higher potency. To prepare 2C from 1C, one part of the 1C is mixed with 99 parts of spirit medium in a specific way. In the same way, the potency is increased gradually.. 3C is prepared by mixing one part of 2C with 99 parts of spirit medium/alcohol. A single medicine and even a single dose is enough at times to bring about healing, when the right medicine at a right potency is selected. It does not address a specific symptom, but kindles the overall healing ability of the body. You find a good difference at the physical and mental levels when the healing process happens.

I use at times metals and crystals to change the elemental energy of my body.. for example, citrine increases the fire element and moonstone increases the water element and the receptive nature. In the same way, I have been working with some of the homeo medicines to impact my mind/body.. I won't recommend such experiments unless you feel what it does with a single dose, at a subtler level.. But, you could use that system very well with the guidance of an expert homeopath. It is a miraculous system!

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