Sunday, August 13, 2017

Importance of Water Element in Healing and Detox

The state of our physical and mental health is determined by our ability to maintain the balance of the elemental energies. We are not just physical beings. Our physical body is shaped by the energy body. Impacting the energy body to bring about the changes at physical level is like changing the slide in the slide projector and seeing a different projection on the wall.

Fire element is given a lot of significance when it comes to purification, spiritual evolution and having the ability to achieve or be able to manifest our dreams. It is what makes us act. When we start working at the energetic levels, and the physical body is purified enough to feel at the subtle level, it becomes clear, how the increase of one elemental energy can bring about an imbalance, if we fail to balance it properly. When the fire is increased, the water element goes down and vice versa. Water element is very much required for a  proper digestion and assimilation of the food to charge the body. It also plays a vital role in getting unnecessary things out of body to keep EVERYTHING FLOWING at physical and energetic levels. It is not possible to learn these things in a mechanical way. It becomes a necessity to feel and do changes at energetic/physical levels.

I shall mention a few ways to control the elemental energies at energetic levels. Moonstone & silver play a major role in bringing a proper balance of the water element. Foods like cucumber & water melon helps a lot. If you have the ability to work with homeo dilutions, that also can be made use of.

Those who do sun gazing, especially for long hours, can easily go out of balance by the increase of the fire element. So, proper care has to be taken to maintain a balance of the elemental energies.. If one is having water accumulation, a proper balance has to be reached by increasing the fire element. You can completely change the nature of your mind and body if you know how to play at energetic levels. Have fun!