Friday, February 19, 2016

A thought on Alchemy..

If you get an opportunity to literally get out of your shoe and experience yourself as a different person, you get a very different picture. To be more specific, if you are ruled by a particular planet, say Mercury (in the case of Gemini and Virgo) and you get to feel how it is to be ruled by Sun (in the case of Leo) you will be surprised to know how much you feel different or how your perception of the world changes. It is not so easy to undergo this experience for everyone. But, if you are having the ability to change your dominant elemental energy with ease, it is possible to experience this. I am not going into details here. Each planet has a metal related to it.. so, if you work with metals, you know the possibilities.

To be a human is not so easy.. ha ha.. when we are on planet earth, we are under the impact of the energy of different planets. It directly impacts the mind/psyche. By changing the balance of your elemental energy, it is possible to flow through life with ease. Alchemists are able to do that.

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