Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Physical Ascension ~ Immortality

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Physical ascension or the transformation of the body into more light is a slow process. Only a few were able to achieve that in the past, especially those who contributed the whole of their life, spending time in isolation with rigorous efforts. Times have changed. Our planet is vibrating at a higher frequency and it will continue to increase its frequency of vibration. So, it should be easier for us to transform our body. Through the natural process of evolution, it may still take many years for the human bodies to get transformed and pulsate at a higher frequency. If one wants a quicker progress, some effort is still required instead of allowing the body to shift in its own pace. You hold your own unique DNA at a soul level which keeps on transforming the physical body that you hold. With some work at a subtle level, this process could be accelerated. If you are able to work in your sushumna nadi/channel, this process could be accelerated. It helps the body produce more soma/divine nectar which helps in the process.

Sun gazing also helps in the process and it has to be done carefully, increasing the duration gradually. I would even suggest doing it with closed eyes. Facing the sun and connecting with its energy and feeling it inside the head will help activate the subtle body. It also increases the nectar secretion. You could even connect with your bonfire and feel its energy and feel how the body responds. If one has a dominant fire/air element, sun gazing has to be done in moderation as it will increase the fire drastically creating imbalance.

We also have to help the physical body heal itself, eliminating the toxins. Food plays a major role here - what we eat and how much we eat matters. We have the ability to feel the food and know it. Each food has its dominant elemental energy and a different frequency. Paying some attention to the body, observing it at subtler levels would help you make right choice of food, following your intuition. Using tissue salts and homeo dilutions would also accelerate the healing process. Flower essences will also help at emotional levels. If you are able to connect with the energy of crystals, that also would be of great help. Feeling everything and understanding our body is the key.

Good luck with the journey! 

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