Sunday, October 18, 2015

Homeopathy - A miraculous system of healing

I realised how powerful homeopathy is. Like feeling the energy of crystals and stones, I could feel the energy of the medicine. It is in fact an energy medicine. There is no active chemical substance in it as it is diluted many number of times in a specific manner.

I would love if others also could benefit from that. I cannot stop the joy within myself and I wanted to spread it. :D

It is advisable to meet an expert homeopath to find a medicine. Sometimes, only you know yourself better. When you read the materia medica of a specific medicine, if many of the symptoms mentioned fit you, you have found the miracle cure! Selecting the right medicine is the key. There are always more than one medicine in homeopathy for a given disease. It is more specific for a person than a disease.

To learn more about homeopathy:

Links to materia medica:

To find the list of medicines that would suit your health condition, you can do a general google search. From some articles, from the list, you have to find the right one. You can also use any online remedy finder like this: If you are using this one, it shows a specific medicine after asking you a series of questions. View the remedy grid to find all the medicines that might fit that symptom to select the best one.

When you read the symptoms of a remedy, for a specific symptom, you shall also find another remedy in the brackets which also would have to be explored.

Reading the materia medica about the medicine and selecting the right one is very important.

Sometimes, when the right remedy is taken, it may aggravate the symptoms temporarily and then curing it forever. If you are a very sensitive person, the remedy might be very powerful on you and might prove itself. In such cases, extra caution and right selection of potency is a must. If one is under the care of an experienced homeopath, they would be able to guide properly.

When we heal the  mind-matter complex, we evolve spiritually. Everything is deeply linked. Homeopathic remedies act at such  deep levels that it heals the whole of our being, accelerating our spiritual growth.

*Disclaimer: It is best to meet an expert homeopath and this is just to kindle your curiosity! Have fun! :D 

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