Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Connecting With Your Inner Divinity

divine light Each one of us is connected to the source or the divine self. This connection is what bestows good health and a loving heart. The more connected we are, easier is to flow through the life on Earth. 

This divine connection is perceived as inner light, inner sound or the divine vibration. When we meditate on this connection, we strengthen our link to the source and is easier to stay balanced.

Not everyone may perceive all the three (inner light, sound and vibration). But, we all would have one or two dominant modes of connection, which we have to explore. Also, when we meditate and focus on one of the attributes, the other two kick in gradually.

The divine vibrations are quite easier to feel, for which one has to start with the breath. Observing the breath continuously helps the mind become subtle and sharp enough to be able to perceive the vibration all over the body or the energy body. If you are able to perceive sounds with closed ears or when there is complete silence, it might become a good object of meditation as well (also called as Nada yoga). Some perceive lights with closed eyes. If you are able to do that, that might become a wonderful connection to the source as well. One is not better than the other. Each one of us is unique and we have to find our own way of connecting to the source.

If it is difficult to perceive these modes of connecting, don't worry. Breath itself is a great link to meditate upon. Just observe the touch sensation of breath/air inside the nostrils and see how beautifully the mind calms down. This can be practiced the whole day, even when doing your regular activities. Connect and feel the bliss, that you are!

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