Sunday, October 12, 2014

Caution working with metals and crystals

pyrite, steel
It is very essential to be cautious when working with metals and crystals. Each metal and crystal has its own elemental energy - Earth, Water, Fire or Air. Some crystals and metals have a combination of these elemental energy.

Our human body is a wonderful system which has all these elemental energy in a beautiful balance. Disease appears when this balance is disrupted. Each chakra corresponds to an elemental energy. Earth - Mooladhara/First chakra; Water - Swadisthana/Second chakra; Fire - Manipura/Solar plexus; Air - Anahata/Heart chakra, Akash - Visuddha/Throat chakra. It is at the Ajna/Brow chakra the duality is transcended and it is where the ida and pingala merge with sushumna (the psychic channels; Sushumna is the major central channel, also called as the highway to heaven). Saharara - Crown chakra is where the complete merging with the formless happens.

When we work with the elemental energy, we impact the chakras and the energy flow in the body. So, when using any crystal or metals, please keep in mind that it is more like a medicine and use it with caution, listening to your body intuitively.

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