Monday, October 13, 2014

Sun - The Powerful Healer

sun, meditation
The personal shift/spiritual progress happens when the psychic channels are forcefully opened up with a powerful flow of energy.

There might be many ways of doing that. When practices like kriya pranayama is performed, it transforms the sexual fluids and fuels the subtler body. The same is achieved in sacred union if one knows how to play with the energy. This is moving the creative force from lower chakras to the higher chakras.

Sun is a powerful source of energy which can be utilized to forcefully clear the energetic blockages and raise the vibration of the body. In this process, we pull the supreme source of energy from the top to bottom. One can consciously pull the energy inside, with closed eyes. It is more effective when Sun gazing is practiced.

It is very important to properly ground the energy when sun gazing is practiced. Walking barefoot shall help. Wearing copper also shall help in the process.

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