Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Metaphysical or Magical Properties of Iron

iron, key
Like crystals, metals have their unique nature and elemental energy. It is powerful and wonderful to work with metals. Iron has a very strong fire element which corresponds to Mars. The core of our Earth is also of molten iron. So, iron powerfully grounds and anchors us to the Earth.

Citrine also has a strong fire element and iron pyrite also has a strong fire element. But, the fire element of iron is completely different. The elemental energy of crystals feel like a wave of light and the elemental energy of metals feel like a rush of flowing water, more tangible. If one is sensitive to the energy, feeling the energy of metals will be a very easy task. I feel that the metals are more potent in making the energy flow, compared to crystals.

Though both Iron and Steel are said to correspond to the planet Mars, steel which is not much attracted to a magnet has a different nature. Iron is more powerful and the fire is raw and hot. Steel seems to have more earth and less fire. I prefer iron to work with, if I need fire. When I need strong connection to Earth with less fire, I prefer steel. Fire element has the ability to protect, energize and makes one very self confident and strong. Especially those who are ruled by water element, astrologically, may feel comforted by the fire element at tough times. It applies in general for sensitive individuals. It is a projective and protective elemental energy. If there is too much of emotional turmoil, fire element shall stabilize it immediately. Also, those who are affected by the phases of moon, emotionally, will find the fire element very comforting. Also, it strengthens the body and improves health. Our blood has heme, the ferrous component.. It adds fire to the whole of the being.

Iron has been used in many cultures. The horse shoe of iron is considered to be protective and people hanged it on their doors. Some make rings from the horse shoe metal and wear it. It is just the metal that matters and not the form. When it is close to the body, within the aura, it works beautifully.

I prefer to hang the metals and crystals close to my heart chakra, where I feel it very powerful. You could give a try with any small piece of iron you have at home.. A simple bolt or nut would do. If you want to confirm that the metal is iron, a magnet would help! :) The size matters. If you find the energy too powerful on you, it is good to reduce the size/weight of metal. When playing with the elemental energy, experiment and have fun and also be cautious. It can bring greater balance or throw one out of balance. If you are sensitive, you shall intuitively know and get a feel of it with a little experiment. When experimenting with any metal or crystal, if you are wearing any other metal or crystal, you may have to take it off, to know exactly how a specific metal or crystal works on you. Have fun! 

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