Saturday, April 19, 2014

Mental Conditioning and Psychic Pathways

Functioning with a lot of mental conditioning is more like a programmed computer. One experiences inner peace and the spontaneous functioning, when one rests in the emptiness or lives in the NOW.

If you are battling with the thoughts of past and future, know that you are not living in the present. If you want to experience deep inner peace and just flow with life, working with your psychic pathway becomes necessary.

If you observe your breath, you shall find that the air flows through either the left or the right nostril. It keeps on shifting between both the nostrils. For a very brief period, it may flow through both the nostrils around the shifting phase. There are three major psychic pathways (Nadis) which are part of your subtler body. When the prana (energy) flows through the ida (left channel), the breath flows through the left nostril. When it flows through pingala (right channel), the breath flows through the right nostril. When the breath flows through both the nostrils, then the prana is moving through the central channel or sushumna. Sushumna is called the highway to heaven.

The goal of each and every yogi and yogini is to make the breath flow through the central channel. It is the true state of meditation. You cannot meditate. You have to fall into the state of meditation. As long as you try, it is not meditation. When meditation happens, you experience it. Staying in a meditative state, is being an observer and flow with life! To flow with life, you have to make the prana move through sushumna!

How to achieve that state? Working with your subtler body is the only way to go!! No shortcuts!!

Observing the breath will make the mind subtle.. When the mind becomes subtle, you can experience your own subtler body and be able to work with your psychic pathways.

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