Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Copper - A Magical Metal!!

copperCrystals and metals have got their unique metaphysical value. Whether you are aware of it or not,
the metals and crystals that are within your energy body will impact your mind and body.

Copper is known for its magical and healing abilities. As the frequency is on an increase, your body may require help getting adjusted to the higher frequencies. If you are having problem grounding your energies, instead of using a grounding stone, you could consider using copper, which is really awesome!

If you feel your head heavy or too much energy concentrated in one part of the body, it may be because of a poor flow of energy. When the energy flows properly through your body, you feel healthy and blissful. Our responsibility is just to keep the energy/spirit flow through the body properly. The rest, happens on its own, the shift of consciousness!

If you are already working with a metal or a crystal, try giving a trial to copper alone. Once you get the feel of copper, you shall know how other crystals gets along with it. I prefer to wear copper alone and I love it.

Keeping water overnight in a copper jar and having it in the morning is also a good idea! If you are using a copper jar, make sure it is free of that green discolouration. If you immerse it in tamarind water and leave it for a while, it will shine like a new one!

To read more of the metaphysical properties of copper, visit (Pocket Book of Stones by Robert Simmons)

Have a good time with copper!! It is a bliss, to be with copper!!

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