Saturday, February 1, 2014

Crystals for Harmonious Life!!

quartzOur life would be harmonious, when we stay at a higher vibration, grounding the spirit properly in the body! If you know how to increase the vibration and ground yourself in the body, everything happens on its own!! The energy that flows through you, takes care of the shift!!

Crystals fall under two categories. They are either projective or receptive! Projective stones promote self-confidence, makes you outgoing and helps in healing others. Stones like citrine and pyrite are projective.

Receptive stones help you make your inner journey and heal yourself! They expand you!! Makes you more receptive to the frequencies that help you and increases your sensitivity, promoting psychic powers! Stones like Amethyst and Moonstone are powerful receptive stones.

A strong projective stone may help you burst open your psychic channels for the flow to happen! They purify you with the fire element! A receptive stone draws the energy inside, for your progress! Both are equally important! If your flow is good, you can consider to use more of receptive stones! When you need a strong psychic protection and purify your mind, you may reach to your fire element stones!

Though Amethyst is a receptive stone, it also gives a wonderful pyschic protection, by keeping your vibration high! When you vibrate at a higher frequency, being grounded is very important, to stay protected and stable!

When you are at a higher vibration, the mundane worldly problems don't bother you! You live in a different world altogether! You still participate in the world, not being drowned by it! Participating in this world, fully engaging yourself in the activity you love, is always fun, when you are at a higher vibration! When you step-up your vibration, the universe takes care of you! YOU ARE LOVED!!

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