Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Grounding higher frequencies for physical transformation

Grounding the higher frequencies of energy through the physical body is the secret to transform the physical body. As the physical body gets tuned to a higher frequency of energy, the diseases get healed and the mind becomes more beautiful, radiating divine joy.

Our solar system has already entered a photon band which is of a very high frequency. So, this is time for everyone to get tuned to a higher frequency of energy with ease. There will be a rapid spiritual evolution and everyone will start radiating more love and joy, transcending the limitations of the human mind.

If you would like to increase the frequency of your mind-body complex, using stones like amethyst and tanzanite would help a lot. Using amethyst in combination with moldavite will increase your frequency in a wonderful manner. If you are not able to feel the subtle energy, working consciously on your energy body is required. Kriya pranayama opens up the channel along the spine, making you sensitive to the subtle energy. Vipassana is also a wonderful practice to make you sensitive to energy. Sexual fluids get converted into subtle form of energy and moves along the spine. So, it is necessary to master some ways of cultivation and utilization of the sexual fluids, not wasting it. It is the most refined physical substance in our body, which can immediately get converted into subtle energy that would feed our subtler bodies. To have more information, you may download and read the free copy of my booklet Celibacy and Spiritual Life.

If you are already very sensitive to energy, you can use the crystals and get tuned to higher frequencies of energy very easily. Getting tuned to the higher frequency of energy and grounding it properly is the only way to transform the body, making it capable of holding more light. In that process, our consciousness expands and we realize our true multidimensional nature.

Sometimes, you may feel comfortable only with a higher frequency stone. At times, you may feel like using both a high frequency stone and a grounding stone. When your vibration increases to a new high, you may want to wear only a grounding stone. Smoky quartz is a wonderful stone to bring down the energy from sahasrara and ground it properly, keeping you connected to the higher frequencies. If that grounding is not enough for you, you should add another stone like black tourmaline or hematite. If you stay in a very high frequency, not grounding the energy properly, you shall have problem being present in the physical world and it would have a negative impact on your health. You can also walk bare foot on earth to ground the energies easily. Swimming is also a good way to get grounded.

Staying in tune with the higher frequencies and being grounded in the physical body is the target. Follow your intuition and select stones accordingly.

We are all in a wonderful stage of transformation. Enjoy the time on planet earth!

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