Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A must read, if you are not able to ground your energy!

A proper grounding is necessary to lead a healthy life on this physical plane and
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evolve spiritually. A higher frequency of energy enters through the crown chakra from above the head. That energy has to pass through your energy meridian and get grounded in the mother earth. If this does not happen, then, your grounding mechanism is not working properly.

Symptoms of poor grounding include the following

- Easily getting irritated
- Not able to handle people or situations
- Highly sensitive to other people's energies (and not feeling comfortable)
- Not even able to drive with concentration
- The whole world seems to fight you (you are not able to flow with life)
- At extreme situations, you dont feel like walking on the ground
- Poor metabolism and loss of appettite
- Easily getting exhausted

The following measures will help you properly ground the higher energies and make your life pleasant and fun.

- At a subtler level, doing kriya pranayama and practice of techniques like   Vipassana  (Goenka style) will greatly help, as they help to open up all the energy blocks and make you balanced.

- Use of grounding crystals like black tourmaline, hematite and smokey quartz shall help

Sometimes, working at a gross level helps immediately and sometimes working at a subtler level seems to help more. But, try both.

If you can diagnose where the block is, you can work more effectively. If the block is around solar plexus, there will be a lack of will power and a poor appetite. If the block is around heart chakra, you shall have problem expressing and receiving love. Most of the time, strengthening the solar plexus energizes the whole of the body and helps in clearing the blocks. For doing that, concentrate on your food. Eat healthy food. More fruits and fresh vegetables will help. Using crystals like citrine will also greatly help. Walking on bare foot on the ground will also help. Walking bare foot, having a proper food and doing exercise are all part of the gross ways to bring impact at a subtler level.

There is a practice in India to chew beetel leaf, areca nut and lime after meals. It is a wonderful practice to digest the food, bring a proper acid-base balance and improve health. You could even try that. From my personal experience, this helps a lot to improve the health. Check out the medicinal properties of beetel leaves. The list is long!

Most of the answers for your problems has to come deep inside from you. When you become aware of your problem, you gradually start getting solutions, if you are receptive. You shall be naturally getting intuitive answers, guidance from some other people, you may happen to read more about that, etc... Just keep the question in some part of your mind and you shall start finding answers everywhere..

When there is a proper grounding and the energy flows unhindered from the top of your head to your feet and then to the earth, you feel a nice flow with the life and you start enjoying life. There is always some higher guidance. If you ask, you shall be helped. There are spirit guides ready to help you. You can try sitting in a meditative pose and request your spirit guide to clear your energy blocks and bring more light and love into your being. Just observe and allow the work to happen. Using crystals like amethyst will help you become more sensitive to energy, by opening the higher chakras. Amethyst in combination with moldavite will increase your frequency and you shall feel more love and higher guidance. If you are not able to ground such a high frequency, using grounding crystals shall help.


  1. I found addressing the problem and / or blockage is the most efficient way as the food is a temporary solution but the blockage may come back if the problem has not been addressed. That is my experience. It is not always easy to point the issue but with observing ourselves and things we experience (emotions, body signs, thoughts) it gets easier and easier and the issue never returns. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. I like the most how you say, we all should listen to our own voice... try what works for us instead of just following something or someone. It is good to experiment as it is a lesson in itself.. of self development and self realisation. <3