Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Proper combination of crystals for healing and spiritual progress

If you are using a single gemstone and you are
comfortable with it, then it is very
simple and effective. If you are not thrown out of balance (happens in the case of high vibration crystals) and at the same time get a feel that the crystal is really working effectively, you need not bother about combinations.

But if you are required to combine crystals, then its elemental energies need to be kept in mind to make sure that the crystal works in you properly and you derive the highest benefit. Having experienced the power of crystals, one may get a desire to make it more powerful and progress faster on the path. So, the combination may help you at such times. But one should keep in mind that one good stone is more effective than a combination of a few stones that is improper.

The elements - earth, water, fire and air determine our health and spiritual progress. When these elements go out of balance, we fall sick. When we know how to use them properly, we progress faster on our path.

A same crystal may not have the same level of impact on different persons. It is because, the elemental constitution of individuals are different. It is also due to the fact that each individual will have different levels of inner purity (in the subtler body). As one meditates, the energy channels gets opened up and one could feel the energy easily. The environment also has got something to do. In warm places, the fire element dominates and in cold places, the water element dominates. It is also true that the same crystal will not have the same impact on you as you progress. It shall intensify and change. It is because you evolve and your energy body changes. So, there seems to be a lot of factors. But, just to make it simple, the general rule of combination (of the crystal) is to combine, fire with air and earth with water.

Sometimes a crystal/stone may have more than one elemental energies. At such times, it is best to try and feel how it works on you and then take a decision. Just feel it and go ahead.

Sometimes I combine pyrite and black tourmaline. Pyrite has predominantly fire energy (it also has earth element) and black tourmaline has strong earth component. They get along with me. You can also combine crystals of the same component. It will be powerful. Just make sure you are balanced. Many strong meditative stones have air element. But most of the grounding stones have earth element. So, sometimes you have to combine air and earth.

But the water and fire never get along. Other than the general rule of combination (fire+air; water+earth), combinations like earth and fire may be good on you or may not be, depending on your individual constitution and your environment. If you are sensitive to the work of crystals, you can easily feel whether they do any good or not. Wear the crystal/crystals, sit for a meditation and decide. Sometimes, a combination may throw you out of balance after a few days.. ha ha.. As the days pass, they seem to work more powerfully. Just follow your intuition...

There are many internet sources available to tell you the element of the crystal/stone. The book of stones is a good reference. The following link may also help you (in that page, click the name of the crystal to read more about it)

The Pocket Book of Stones

Good luck!


  1. I am wishing to step away from manufactured ways of balancing myself, i wishe to know what combination with amethyst would aid in spiritual protection due to a entity that has tried to cause harm. Also if amethyst would be the right crystal to keep on me at all times for balance..

    1. Amethyst in combination with moldavite would raise the vibration to a new high and give protection. Amethyst alone is also protective and can be worn at all times. Fire element stones like citrine and pyrite are also very protective! Red jasper is also good for psychic protection.. Select the one that you are attracted to!