Saturday, January 12, 2013

Crystals for Spiritual Development

Crystals have special energy that can help us on the path of spiritual progress. Each crystal has a specific frequency which can be used in our favour. For a proper meditation to happen, the energy channels in our body needs to be clear without blocks. In some of the yogic techniques like Kriya yoga, kriya pranayama is done before sitting and enjoying the meditative state. As you advance on the path of yoga, meditation happens on its own as you sit down. Whether you are an advanced practitioner or a starter on the path, crystals can help you progress faster.

I do not know how exactly the crystals work. All I know is, they work for sure. Amethyst is the first crystal I tried. When I tried it, the energy started moving up towards the ajna. I was surprised to see such an intense energy movement without any effort. That made me explore more crystals.

How to use the crystals
The best way to use any crystal is to wear it continuously or according to the need. If you do not like to wear it as an ornament, you can even keep it in your pocket. If it is close to the body, it is better.
It is better to wear a single crystal if you are a starter, until you know intuitively the best ways of combining different crystals. It takes time for the body to get adjusted to the frequency of the crystal. It may take a few days to a week for you to start sensing the efficiency of the crystal.

To attain a meditative state, you can start with Amethyst as I did or you can select the crystal that attracts you. Each crystal has a different property. As you read the properties of the crystal and see its photograph, you may be attracted to the crystal that you require. Or you can go to a shop that sells crystals, to see them and feel them to decide. Whatever crystal you start with, wear it at all times or keep it in your pocket. It will continue to work on you the whole day. If you sit calm in the meditative pose and observe its work, it will take you to a deeper meditative state.

Cleansing the crystals
It is a must to cleanse the crystal when you buy it for the first time. It may have some negative energies that it might have attracted from the previous user or during the shipping process. Holding the crystal in the running water for a few minutes with the intention of cleaning it is a simple way of doing it. You can also leave it in the moon light for a few nights to cleanse and charge the crystal. Submerging it in sea salt for a few hours is also a good way of cleansing the negative energies.

The impact of crystals
The impact of the crystals may not be same on everyone. It depends on the individual. If you are already into meditation and your energy channels are open, you shall feel the efficiency of the crystal immediately. You can just sit and observe the energy movements and it will take you to a deep state of meditation. If you are new to meditation, you continue with your regular meditation and the crystals will help you in the progress.

The importance of grounding
If the energy continuously stays in the upper chakras, you may feel spaced out and may not be able to be present in the worldly activities. At such times, it is good to get the help of grounding crystals like hematite or black tourmaline. For some, just touching the grounding crystal seems to work. Some wear it all the time. I prefer to wear it for a day or two when I feel not grounded. You have to follow your intuition.

Crystals select you
It is generally said that the crystals select you. They attract you towards them and get into your life for your highest good. As you start with, you shall know the efficiency of the crystals. Good luck!
Update: Using amethyst and hematite (amethyst works in higher chakras and hematite brings grounding) together at the same time brings a greater balance. You can wear this combination at all times. After experimenting with different crystals/stones like rhodizite, phenacite, herkimer, tanzanite... the combination of amethyst and hematite is my favourite. If you are using crystals for any therapeutic value, you should select accordingly. The combination I suggest if for spiritual development and a balanced life.


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