Friday, July 22, 2011

Enlightenment - Sudden or Gradual

Enlightenment may be a sudden and quick one. It may happen any time spontaneously. But it may take some time for the mind to get to a state of realization of the change that has happened. For some of the masters, it even took a long time to understand what has happened to them. They had to find some masters to get to know what has happened to them. At such times, the spiritual scriptures would make a great sense and would reveal a deeper understanding of what has happened.

In fact, the awakening or the realization is for the mind and it is not for your real being or the You. You are already in a state of enlightenment or realizing the ‘You’ by your mind could be termed as the awakening.

One could say that everyone is awakened to a certain extent, which means, the thoughts have started giving brief gaps in which the consciousness has started blooming. This process might have even started and you might not even be aware of that. It is at this stage, you get a strong inner urge to get liberation or feel the basic necessity to know the ultimate truth. Once the inner urge is fuelled, you become more aware and allow the consciousness to bloom and to transform your mind, allowing your being to be… then the progress becomes really quick and easy.

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