Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fastest Way to Self Realization

Self Realization : Realization of the self. It is just the realization of the existing self and there is no need to add anything to the self. The self is ever pure and animates all the beings and it is changeless and everlasting.

Our responsibility is to just remove the layers that cover the 'I' by transcending 'i', where 'I' is the real self and 'i' is our imagination or the mental image of what we consider ourselves to be.

This is not to be achieved. Achievement is the play of the mind. It has to be realized. It is a simple happening that will happen by awareness.
This realization could be as quick as the blink of the eye as told by many realized masters. It is the start of the realization of the real self. As the progress happens, one completely transcends the mind and is able to use the mind as a pure channel for receiving the messages of the higher self.

This sounds too simple for the mind which may not allow one to realize this truth. So, in many cases, some techniques aid in this process. The techniques will just help quieten the mind (by shifting the awareness) and the rest of the process happens on its own. When the mind takes rest, the flowering of the consciousness happens in the human being.

The simplest way to achieve this, is to shift the awareness on the being that will give rest to the ever active mind. It is not very tough to get the awareness of your energy body or the being. Just close your eyes and feel your hand or feel your head. When you are comfortable doing that, just extend the awareness to your whole body. When you are able to feel your complete energy body, it will just dissolve and make the mind pure. This state is called as total dissolution in the vipassana lineage. This will give a good rest to your mind and would help realize the ever existing consciousness.

Initially, one could realize a short gap between the thoughts. Gradually the gap between the thoughts would increase which is the real indicator of a successful meditation. As the gap between the thought increases, the consciousness flowers. The same is achieved by directly observing the thoughts without analysing them along with breath, as in Zen meditation.

This simple and powerful guided meditation (Eckhart Tolle stye) may help you get aware of your inner being.
You can watch more of Eckhart Tolle's videos to understand his teachings better or could attend a vipassana meditation retreat in the lineage of Goenka which would be really beneficial for making a quick progress.


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