Sunday, December 25, 2011

When Seeing is Just Seeing...

The world is not the same for everyone. It varies according to the mind of the seer. To be more precise, your mind is the world for you.

The happiness or the pain that we suffer is dependent upon our mind and the way we look at the situations. When seeing happens, it does not just end with the seeing. There is always more to that seeing, that happens inside. That is interpretation of that seeing, according to the past moulding of the mind.

If you change the colour of the glasses that you see the world through, the visuals may appear accordingly. It is just the same. We see the world through a conditioned glass called mind. A pure mind has no conditioning and it sees it and only sees it. There is no interpretation. When there is no interpretation, there is just stillness and bliss.

When one starts experiencing that stillness and bliss, one losses the sense of doer-ship and starts observing the happenings. In the deep stillness, there is no you, but then the things happen through you. It cannot be called as an action. It is just a happening.

When this seeing is just seeing, no new karma is added and one is free from the entanglements of this world and lives a liberated life.