Friday, May 13, 2011

Yoga for Health

Yoga is a term which refers to the union of the human with the God or the Self with the Higher Self. This term is many a times used to refer physical exercise or just Yoga postures (Yoga asanas) as many commercial yoga masters are coming up with the idea of making money with this magical word. Yogasana is a part of the bigger picture. According to the eight fold path of the great saint Patanjali, Yogasana is one of the eight components that would aid in achieving the state of union of the Self with the Higher self.

A good health would be a natural result if the Yoga happens. Yes, it has to happen. We can just facilitate the process through some efforts like meditation.

For doing a proper meditation, the body has to be strong enough to sit in a right posture. Also the wandering mind has to be brought under control. Yoga asana would help achieve these in the initial stages. An advanced meditator may prefer to continue doing asanas or just get the complete command over the mind and body with only meditation.

A good physique and a fresh mind could be a achieved by a proper practice of the yogasanas (yoga postures) along with a right diet. But, for the spiritual journey to progress faster, it is necessary to make meditation, a regular part of the life. Through meditation, the evolution of the human being would be many times faster. In this evolution process, a person would become more divine, renouncing the Ego and developing pure love.

Meditation has a direct impact on the mind and the body. Even though the ultimate goal of meditation is to transcend mind and to attain liberation, along the way, one would be blessed with a good health and a strong mind to live in this world successfully.

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