Friday, May 6, 2011

Developing Spiritual Eye

Third eye is referred to as spiritual eye and has been given significance in many of the spiritual scriptures. When the spiritual eye starts developing, a person on the spiritual path is able to observe the thoughts or the incidents, being detached from the thought or the incident, as an observer, thus coming out of the vicious grip of the mind. This establishes a seeker on the path and helps the further progress.

Developing spiritual eye
There are a lot of materials available in the market that claim to fasten the development of the spiritual eye. It would not be a holistic approach to just concentrate on the third eye or the spiritual eye, for its development. 
The spiritual eye, which corresponds to the higher chakras, ajna and sahasrara, are part of our energy body. These higher chakras start developing when the energy body is cleared of its blocks through meditation. When the blocks are cleared, the energy naturally starts flowing in the required direction and it does the necessary work for the spiritual development of the seeker.

The holistic approach
The holistic approach would be to work with the entire energy body or the entire chakra system and the sushumna channel. In Kriya yoga, when one does kriya pranayama, the entire channel is cleared and the proper flow of prana (life force energy) to the higher chakras is facilitated. In the case of meditation like vipassana, the practitioner works with the entire energy body which would help the holistic development of the third eye.

Attitude towards meditation
It would be better not to sit for meditation with the objective of activating the spiritual eye or the third eye. The opening up of the third eye may bring some powers that may pull down the seeker on the path, if the higher chakra sahasrara is not properly open. The reason for which meditation is done is to attain liberation. Specific desires and expectations may not help in that process. So, it is better to meditate, with no specific desires. The development of the spiritual eye would happen on its own and bestow the required benefits at the right time.

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