Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Working Nature of Vipassana

If you have attended a 10 day vipassana programme, you would have observed S.N.Goenka telling on how different people understand how vipassana works. I have my own understanding of how vipassana works with the Eastern philosophy as the background.

A human being has three bodies: physical, astral and causal. The physical body is the gross aspect which is visible to the physical eyes. The astral body is subtler and the causal body is still more subtle compared to the physical body.

After death, the astral body is also dissolved. It is only the causal body that remains the same (with +/- karmic debts). This causal body is said to be the store house of the karmic imprints. If the causal body is cleared of all the imprints and dissolved, liberation is achieved.

In Vipassana, what we do is observing the sensations. When a strong sensation pops up and gets dissolved, it takes along with it the deep karmic impressions thus relieving us of its impact on our life.

As said by the teacher S.N.Goenka, the sensations are directly related with the unconscious mind. The causal body is also related with the unconscious mind. In my opinion, as we go subtler and subtler observing the sensations, we start directly working on the causal body. When these imprints start coming up and gets cleared, the deep impressions come up to the surface and gets worked on thus paving the way to liberation.

One more great advantage of vipassana is that, when we are consciously aware of the sensations we prevent a new action from leaving a deep impression, as karma, which will have its impact.

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