Thursday, May 5, 2011

Meditation and Karma

When one speaks of meditation, the first question one may ask, if not into meditation is, why do you meditate?

There may be different answers for this. It may be for better physical health, better mental health, dealing with stress... To attain liberation, would be the apt answer. If one dives deep into the Eastern philosophy, the word Karma (the fruits of the action one does) has a lot of significance as it determines the whole scenario for the individual. Instead of saying that the karma determines the life of an individual, it would be better to say, that the individual determines his life by creating karma (either good or bad) through his free will.

Store house of karma
A human being has both visible and invisible (to the physical eyes) components. Physical body is the gross visible aspect. Astral body and the causal body are subtler bodies of an individual that are not visible to the physical eyes.
Both the physical body and the astral body would be dissolved in the process of death (physical body is the first to disintegrate). It is the causal body that would be storing all the imprints of our karma and could be termed, the store house of karma.

So, how to achieve liberation? When all the deep rooted karmic imprints are cleared and the causal body dissolved, one comes out of the cycle of birth and death. Sounds simple. Right? Indeed it is simple, if one has a right tool to work with, to attain progress. Meditation is the tool with which we could work with the subtler bodies.

Impact of meditation
Meditation helps to bring the deep rooted karmic imprints and dissolve it, not allowing it to manifest into troubles, in this physical plane. Imagine, how good it would be to burn the seeds of a banyan tree, rather than watering it and cutting it when it is big and magnanimous. In the same way, it is very easy to dissolve the karma in subtler body than dealing with the problems of life, in manifested state. It is easier and faster to clear the karmic debris in subtler body paving way to liberation for which meditation is a great tool. 

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  1. The knot of the heart is cut,all the questions are determined and all the karmas get depleted when the vision of the self take place.Self-Knowledge uproot ignorance.With the devastation of ignorance,desires and resulting activities additionally end.There are three knots.Identification with the body is the first knot.Identification with thoughts,desires and memories is the second knot.Identification with the aftereffect of great activities is the third knot.When these three knots are evacuated all karmas are uprooted.~Geneva Freeman.