Sunday, February 6, 2011

How to sit for meditation

Body and our mind are very closely related. When the body is still, the mind becomes still. So, for a proper meditation to happen, it is necessary to select a comfortable and a steady position. It is always good to maintain the same pose for meditation, at least during the initial phases. This will properly train the body for long sittings.

Cross legged position is considered the best for meditation as it keeps the trunk perfectly straight which would help the energy flow to happen in the Sushumna channel naturally. But still, it may result in pain, if one is not used to this pose. In that case, it is better to sit in half-lotus position. In this position, you bend the left leg and keep the right leg folded above the left leg.

Sitting in the lotus or half-lotus position for long hours could be helped with a small cushion to sit on. This will raise your body and maintain a proper circulation to your legs. By this, you could avoid pain and feel more comfortable.

Always remember to spread a four-folded woolen or a cotton blanket over the floor before you sit. This would insulate the energy, flow down and allow the energy to move up.

If you are not at all able to sit on the floor, folding your legs, then it is better to sit on a flat chair. But, make sure that your trunk is straight and your legs are properly grounded on the floor. Do not lean on the chair.

Once you make yourself comfortable with an appropriate pose you choose, the rest of the process becomes easier. If you are planning to sit for a long sitting, it is better to sit on a cushion to promote a proper blood flow and to maintain the spine erect.

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