Sunday, April 10, 2011

Connect with your higher self

Human being is said to be the most evolved being in this planet as claimed by the scientists and the spiritual masters. A highly evolved being has to enjoy a perfect health and happiness when compared to all the beings in this world. But, this is not the case most of the times. We find animals and plants living a healthier life. A bird or an animal hunts or searches for its food till it dies in the forest. They never visit any hospitals. They have their strong system which is stable and is capable enough to heal and rejuvenate. It is sad that the highly evolved human being has lost the art of healing the self and is at the mercy of the doctors. So, it is high time that we find the ways of healing the self and regain our health which will be dealt in the article at a brief.

To heal our self, we should know both the visible and invisible aspects of the human being. If it is only the visible matter of the human being which is the entire system, the scientists and the doctors would have become Gods. It is the invisible sublter systems that are having direct influence on the physical body and our mental body which should be understood to regain a perfect physical and mental health. This is what is being stressed by the many self-realised beings.

In short, we have three bodies namely Physical, Astral and Causal. It is the physical body which is visible to the normal eyes. The astral body resembles the physical body and is subtler in nature with energy centres called chakras. and many other energy circuits called nadis (pronounced as naadies). A disease manifests when these astral body is disturbed due to irregular flow of energy, blocking the energy channels. The mental health and the energy flow in the astral body are directly related and the astral body and the physical health are directly related. If the mental state of the person is not balanced and healthy, the astral body gets disturbed and vice-versa.

To bring a faster healing, it is necessary to work in the subtler system as the impact is faster and more hormonised. To do that, we need the help of the higher self or our real self that we are ignorant of most of the times. To get the higher self working, we need to get connected to it. This union is the meaning of the word yoga. There are different schools of thought and varied practices to achieve that union. I would just like to suggest a simple and effective means of getting this connection work and regain our system of healing in a holistic way.

The higher self is always waiting for the time for intervention to help us and get us back to a state of perfection. It is easy to achieve this connection with a mere will. The technique is as follows. Sit with your eyes closed, with your back straight. If you are sitting on the ground, you may fold your legs in lotus or half lotus or any other comfortable pose which should be able to keep you steady. It is good to sit on a flat and stable surface on a woolen or a cotton material. If you are sitting on a chair, it is better to keep the trunk straight without leaning. Then observe your incoming and outgoing breath for a while not trying to alter the natural flow. Once you attain a inner harmony, just ask your higher self to start the healing process and do all the activities that are for the highest good. You will then feel the subtler energy movements and even sharp pain, tingling sensations etc.. All these mark the beginning of the work of the higher self working on your subtler bodies to get the blocks cleared and the energy flowing. Just sit observing all the happenings. Just doing this, you would observe within a week the drastic differences in your physical and mental health. It is necessary to allow the higher self to work on you without interfering atleast for one hour a day.

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