Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Sustaining Yourself as Energy Being

What is visible to us as physical body is just a vibrating mass of energy at a lower frequency compared to what is not visible to us as our energy body. We have both physical as well as subtle bodies (functioning as one) that anchors a part of our consciousness to experience life in this dimension of Earth.

To make the experience of life here pleasant, it is very much essential to make sure our energy flows through our bodies, strong and unblocked. Inner energy work like working in sushumna, feeling the energy body and dissolving the blocks, etc.. all play a major role here. Another important aspect that directly impacts the body is the food that we eat. I am not going to say what food is the right food. Just make sure that the food that you eat does not congest you at physical and mental levels. We all have our unique DNA and so unique is our physical body. Experimenting and finding what is more suitable is very important, as far as food is concerned.  Fruit diet suits some, paleo might suit some, a simple cooked food with grains and cereals may suit some.. just find what works for you. The important aspect is to convert the energy that the physical produces, into a sublter form of energy (transmutation of sexual fluids) and feed the energy body for its higher evolution/higher frequency. A shift in the energy body alters the physical body. Some are able to manage with less food, taking mostly the prana. We may even have to move from one way of eating to the other, according to the need, at different times. Eating and transmuting is one way and a breatharian way is to absorb the prana and sustain physical. We can be also anywhere in between. One has to find the balance one needs at anytime.

Gaining some mastery over our energy body and be able to work on it becomes a necessity to gain some self mastery. It is part of the evolution.

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