Friday, March 4, 2016

Mind and Homeo

Science has accepted that the mind/mental problem is the root cause of most of the diseases.. It does not mean that mind is something bad and has to be got rid off. Sometimes, in a meditative saying, a thoughtless state is called a state of no mind. It just means that the mind is in its stillness, without waves. It is such a great tool and it depends on how good we are able to ease it and flow through life. The power to manifest and create depends on the health of mind and body which nobody could refuse.. Homeopathy is the only system I know that considers the mind when selecting medicines. The positive impact of the medicine is felt in the mind and the body quite soon, if the right medicine is selected.

Some of the homeo personalities:

Interesting.. Such an advanced system! I am having hard time stopping to write about it. :)

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