Thursday, April 14, 2011

Secrets of Vipassana

Vipassana is one of the ancient Buddhist ways of meditation. It is very well known for its efficiency and immediate results. Vipassana is being taught by different masters with slight variations. Some go completely with the body sensations and some go with only breath. In this article, by Vipassana, I mean the practice that gives more importance to body sensations, Vedana. Mr.S.N.Goenka spreads the practice of Vipassana which gives the entire stress on body sensations.   

There is another famous master Eckhart Tolle who speaks of a similar practice in a different manner. Eckhart Tolle refers to a practice in which the inner body is observed with its vibrations and sensations. Though both of the practices are very similar, they have been described in a different manner.

What is the practice?
To simplify meditation and make it easily understandable for everyone, it is a way to move from gross to subtler aspect of the individual, one’s own self. In Vipassana, one starts by observing the body from top to bottom. Once the mind gets sharp enough, it starts feeling the subtler sensations of the body. At times, it may not be even true to say that it is the mind that perceives the sensations, as the mind goes absent when going very subtle. When one becomes aware of the subtler sensations or the higher frequency of vibrations in the body and around the body, a great deal of work starts happening, expressing and dissolving the stores of energy blocks and karma. These could be felt as pain, heat and other sensations that appear and fly away.

The great secrets

As claimed by Reiki and many energy healers, the fact is, a physical disease could easily be identified in the energy body before it gets itself manifested as a disease in the physical body. In the same manner, a manifested disease could easily be healed on the energy body which would have its immediate impact on the physical body.

I have taken this example of a disease to show the relation between the physical body and the energy body. It not only applies to a disease or any mental situation. It applies to the whole life and the way we live it!! In East, the word Karma is very common and understood. It is the result of the action we do, be it physical or mental. This karma creates our future or the destiny, which may not be acceptable for a questioning mind. But, it is true that we create our life and we are responsible for what we are, whether we accept it or not. So, to transform and dissolve the past implications of our action, which are not yet expressed, it is very necessary to do a great deal of work in the energy body.

Just imagine how good it would be to burn a seed instead of watering it and trying to cut it once it becomes a big tree. In the same way, we would be really lucky to know a way to burn the unexpressed karmic implications before its manifestation happens, that would complicate our life. It is possible by working in the energy body with the technique of Vipassana.

Every thought pattern could be felt as a sensation in the energy body before it actually becomes a thought coming into the field of the mind. This is a great fact and possibility that could be exploited to avoid the accumulation of future karma. Once we become sensitive to the energy body, we could dissolve the karma of our present action, before it enters the store house, now and then. Thus, dissolving the past karma and by avoiding the accumulation of further karma, one gets freed from the cycle of birth and death and attains liberation.

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  1. I recommend Vipassana to everyone. There are 10day courses in most countries! It is a wonderful technique of self discovery