Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fasting for health

Why should one fast?
Our human body is like any other working machine. But, one of the extraordinary feature it has got is the ability to repair itself. When this extraordinary feature is allowed to do its work, there is no need for any external intervention in the form of medicine or any therapy.

The human body continuously eliminates the toxic materials, cleanses the dead content and does rejuvenate. This process happens more efficiently and in a full swing when we sleep. Even during the sleep, this process is hindered if we eat late at night. Our body spends quite a lot of energy for digesting the food that we intake. This is the reason we feel a bit tired after a heavy meal. If the digestive system is given a proper rest, the body utilises the energy for other necessary functions of repairing and rejuvenating.

What is the proof?
If you have any pets, you would have observed this already. If a cat or a dog is not healthy, the first thing it would do is to refuse the food. If you are growing the pet animal and you have a garden, you would have observed one more thing. They eat grass or some other herb and vomit cleansing the digestive system. They take up fasting after that till the body is healed.

How to start?
If you are fasting for healing a specific ailment, then you should meet a practitioner who has the required expertise and should be under his supervision. But if you are fasting for a overall good health, it could be done on a simple manner to start with.

To begin with you could skip a night meal. To make the fasting more efficient, you could help the body to cleanse the toxins by having a glass of lemon water with honey before going to bed. According to your body condition and based on how you feel, you may do this once in a week or even on a regular basis. If you are interested in reducing your body weight, this could be done on a daily basis. It would serve to reduce your body weight promoting a good health.

What next?
Once you are comfortable and feel good by skipping a meal, you could even fast for a whole day. Instead of a complete fast, you could be on juices to start with. It is better to do such whole day fasting when you are at home, on holidays.

How to check the benefits myself?
When you are having common cold, try to do a fasting. You would be surprised to see how fast the healing is. You could try it yourself on any simple ailments. It would be advisable to meet a naturapathy practitioner if you want to heal a specific ailment by fasting. He would help you in selecting a right type of fasting and the duration of the fast.

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