Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Magic of Fasting!

When it comes to healing, fasting is one of the ways to achieve that. When we use a medicine, we have to understand the cause of the disease and we have to select the right medicine, be it homeo, ayurveda, siddha, etc.. So, a lot of dynamics come into play here. You have to understand the right cause of the disease and you have to select the right medicine. And you need to understand the interaction of the medicine with your body.. we all have a unique body. So, your possibility of healing a disease with medicine is high, if only you find a wonderful practitioner. But, healing with fasting is a simpler and a much more reliable way, for we are going to depend on the innate healing ability of the body.

Our human body has its own intelligence. It can heal itself, provided we give it its required time and opportunity. It has the ability to remove the toxins, build itself and fall into a greater balance. We just have to allow it. When we think we understand the body and do a lot of interference with the food and medicine, sometimes we end up spoiling the healing process.

Water fasting and dry fasting are two major types of fasting that I know. Dry fasting is an intense way to cleanse and might not be suitable for everyone, especially if one has to fast for more than a day or two. Dry fasting might need supervision. Water fasting is quite safe and it can be done for a day or 2 in the initial stages and can be extended when one feels comfortable. What we have to note here is, when we start water fasting, by stopping the intake of food, the body starts releasing the stored toxins (this process does not happen efficiently when we keep on eating). This detox phase is sometimes very difficult to go through, if one has a lot of accumulated toxins. One might not only feel physical discomfort, but also a mental discomfort. But once your body is clean enough, you can do a water fast with much more ease. So, it is not only done to heal a specific disease, but also can be done on a frequent basis to help body stay healthy. Just give it a try and feel for yourself, the difference it can bring about. Start with a day or two, in a week and then find your own balance according to your need and the condition of your body. Good luck!

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