Thursday, January 8, 2015

Tune In - Tune Out ~ Frequencies

tune frequency meditation
As a lightworker, you are here to ground the higher frequencies that this dimension requires. As you open up more and become sensitive,
you shall be able to feel different frequencies (from sadness/anger to the higher frequencies of joy). There is nothing wrong in experiencing sadness or feeling how the other people feel. But, if you own it, the whole scenario changes. You get tuned into that. You experience different tastes from different food. Usually, you taste it and let go. In the same way, you have the ability to experience different emotions and feelings that you may have to let go. You are experiencer.. You are like a radio that has the ability to tune into different broadcasting stations. If you continuously tune into a specific frequency, you get more of its nature and you relate more with it.

You are not here to experience a lower frequency and heal it. There is nothing to heal. A frequency is a frequency. You change your personal frequency and you experience the world in a different way. When we are sad, if we watch a happy movie, it alters our mood. It does not mean that you have healed something that you were experiencing earlier. You just shifted your frequency.

The only healing that we have to do is, open up the subtler energy channels in us and allow the higher frequencies to go through. You are here to become a channel of light. To open up the subtler energy channels, work at the subtler level through meditation. Feel the energy body and you shall also start feeling where the blocks are. Working with the breath shall help one go subtler. We are in a dimension where we hold a gross physical body (it is also energy and it just vibrates in frequency lesser than astral body) and it becomes equally important to work on that too. You felt invigorated after a swim or a simple exercise? It energises the subtler body and makes more of the energy to flow through. There are two ways of energy movement - it ascends and descends. It moves either from subtle to gross or from gross to subtle. Both happens at all times. Meditating on subtler body may anchor more of subtler energy in your physical.. Physical activity, transmutes more of your energy to subtler form. Both the physical and the subtler bodies need to be healthy, for you to be a powerful channel of energies. So, the work at both gross and subtler level becomes necessary.

When the central psychic channel, sushumna is open, a forceful flow of energy through it, always keeps you in a high vibration. It is necessary to work on it by doing techniques like kriya pranayama. Working in whole of the subtle body shall also for sure open it in a wonderful manner. Go subtle! You could also get the help of crystals.

Be a channel of light to help yourself and others. Hold the highest possible frequency!

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