Thursday, December 11, 2014

You are your responsibility!

You are a being of energy and your energy is what reflects in your mind/thoughts. Like the foods having a variety of tastes, different places and people hold a different energy. If you keep your hand in cold water, you feel the chillness. If you immerse your hand in the warm water, you feel the warmth of it. In the same way, we daily go through different frequencies of energies that has impact on our mind and body.

You have your own energy signature which gives you comfort, when you allow it to shine bright. Keeping your energy intact is your responsibility.. You would not harm your body walking on a thorny place without a footwear. In the same way, you have to protect your energy body. A market has a different energy and a temple has a different energy. So, it is our responsibility to select the situations and places where we want to be. The people you relate with will also will have a direct impact. Your energy body gets strengthened and protected when it is properly grounded. Also the food that we eat matters a lot. Selecting foods that would digest quicker with less strain on the system shall allow you to hold your energy signature beautifully. Hold your own light!


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    1. You are welcome. Thanks for leaving comment. :)

  2. As a light being its lovely to find others on a journey that reminds you of yours.
    I leave you with the heart and its great ability for compassion, And offer all that is good for what and who you are in a place that still has a hard time understanding energy, Spiritual energy may it comfort and hold you.


  3. I heard you mention in another post about the energy being moved up and down through the body. I think this must be the same as Vibrational State that a different School talks about. This is a way of protecting one's energy as well. It takes a lot of practice for some.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with others.

    1. In the Kriya yoga post, I had mentioned about moving the energy up and down along the spine (it actually happens inside sushumna in the subtle body). It is specific process of Kriya pranayama. It helps transmuting sexual fluids and evolve the subtle body, which is spiritual progress. The vibration state that is referred to, just before the astral body separates is different.