Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sun gazing for superiour health and spiritual evolution

sun gazing
Sun is the most powerful source of prana (cosmic energy) available to us to get our body and mind transformed in a very short time.

We are in the process of shifting from the 3rd/4th dimensional vibration to the 5th dimensional vibration. Our entire solar system is inside the photonic belt and is helping the Earth increase her vibration. So, it is very easy for us, the residents of the Earth, to increase the vibration of our physical vehicle.

Sun is already vibrating at a very high frequency. When this high frequency energy is properly taken inside the body and digested, it can bring great transformation in a very short time.

It can activate the pituitary and pineal and energize whole of our energy body which will naturally take care of the physical health and spiritual progress. Once the psychic pathways are properly open, nectar (soma) starts secreting inside the head and drips down which tastes sweet. This transforms the body and may pave way to immortality. Remember that you are already immortal as a spirit. Only the body that you have inhabited is mortal.

Sun gazing has to be practised in the safe hours, that is within 1 hour after the sun rise and during the last 1 hour of the sunset.

The procedure:

Sit or stand in a comfortable way, with spine erect. With open eyes, directly look at the sun for a short duration (say 30 seconds) and the close your eyes. Feel the energy inside the head. It will move inside and energize your entire body. Then, again open your eyes and look at the sun for a short duration and then close your eyes allowing the body to digest it.. Gradually increase the duration.

I shall give a few links at the end of the post for detailed instructions from some advanced yogis that are practising sun gazing. Follow your intuition and gradually increase the gazing duration.

There may be some discomfort in the eyes. But, with regular practice, such symptoms may get away within a week or two.

If you are too sensitive to the energy of the sun and are not able to see the sun directly, it is better to watch the bright clouds. Later on, your eyes may get adjusted to look at the sun or you may just continue to gaze the clouds. You can even watch the bright clouds during the middle of the day. Advanced sun yogis watch even the sun during middle of the day. But, dont try such things to be on the safer side... not atleast in the initial stages of your practice.

If you have been into meditation and have the ability to feel the energy body, you can easily feel how the energy moves and energizes whole of your energy body. In the first few days, you may feel the energy raw and very powerful in the solar plexus region. Gradually, you shall start getting recharged like a battery. There may be strong currents of energy moving along your spine and these are all positive signs that your body is properly getting adjusted and utilizing the sun light.

Make sure you are not wearing any contact lens or glasses while doing sun gazing. And finally, practice at your own risk. Each one's physical body is unique. Only you could find if it suits you or not. 

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  1. Yes , It is possible to peep into sun even not through naked eye but through third eye at any time whenever you want.

    This is a good practice.