Thursday, April 14, 2011

Reiki healing and healer

When we have any complications with our health, the first thing we do is, rush to a hospital. Why do we do so? We do not know how to heal ourselves. Reiki is a system of healing which uses the universal energy to heal in a holistic manner.

Human being is considered the most evolved in the process of evolution. In this process of evolution, the capability of an individual has increased. But, we rarely care for it, to develop and make use of it. Reiki is one such great tool, we miss to use.

Unlike many healing systems, man has discovered, Reiki does not cure a specific symptom, rather it cures the root cause in a holistic manner paving way for holistic health. It not only cures the body, but also the mind. Also, here, we allow the universal energy to work on us, for the healing to take place. We just create a channel. The work is left to the higher intelligence. No doubt, it would be more efficient that the human intelligence could achieve.

Our capability

One of the great gifts that human being has got is the ability to heal oneself and the others. Does this Reiki healing involve any medicine? No.. Then, how does the healing happen in Reiki? It is purely based on the principles of energy of which the healer is aware of.

When we look at the human body, what is visible is the solid component. But, what will be resultant when we subdivide the matter to its finest detail? It is just the pulsating energy particles. Water when heated becomes vapor as the frequency of the vibration increases. In a similar manner, at a higher frequency of vibration, the matter is just energy. It is more effective to work at the subtler form. So, energy healing is very effective, which deals with the subtler part of the human and the cure become holistic.

How it happens

Like many physical channels that could be seen, with our visible eyes, like blood vessels, there are many invisible energy networks that form the subtler form of the human body. Energy healing focuses this aspect of the human, the subtler energy network. Before any disease manifests on the physical body, it could be detected on the subtler body and healed. Kirlian photography is a proof for the existence of energy fields closely related to the body. Even after the manifestation of any disease, it could be healed effectively working on the energy body.

Who can heal

Those who have expertise in the field of healing with energy could heal you, if you are willing. Every human being has this gift? Isn't it? Then why couldn't I do that on my own? It is highly possible. You just need to get your blocked energy channels opened out and start practicing, working with the energy. You would then become your own master possessing healing hands.

Become a healer yourself

Who can do that opening process? In the terminology of Reiki, this is referred to as attunement. It would be done by masters of Reiki. They clear the existing blocks and connect you to the higher source of energy. They also teach you how to tap the energy and use it in an appropriate manner. There are also some meditative practices to be followed to strengthen and build the energy channels. If you are interested and put a regular practice, you could become an effective healer.

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