Sunday, May 13, 2018

A note on sensitivity to Metals and Crystals..

In my blog I have written in the past, a lot about altering the energy body with crystals, metals and homeo medicines. That was my reality at that time. I was literally taking different personalities with different metals and crystals. I find that the extreme sensitivity was due to the impact of mercury amalgam fillings that I was having.. somehow it was making me extremely sensitive by making the energy body be receptive to the change by the energy of what comes into my energy field.

After a lot of detox/fasting, I find that the sensitivity to the metals and crystals has greatly reduced. If you are a person having extreme sensitivity to chemicals in food, the energy of metals, etc, it might be good to pay some attention to detox which happens when we fast (water or dry) or when we are on mucus free diet.

Even when we are in a better balance, the energy of the crystals and metals will have their impact on us.. but not to the extent we take different personalities.

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